CHI Janitorial and maintenance has been delivering personalized janitorial and maintenance plans with exceptional customer service for more than 40 years. Over the last 40 years, CHI Janitorial and Maintenance has worked with numerous Condominium, Cooperative, and Homeowner Association boards to design and implement cost-effective and efficient Janitorial and maintenance programs.

What we have learned at CHI Janitorial and Maintenance over the last 40 years is that no two properties are the same, so we design a custom program for every association. Our custom janitorial and maintenance programs start with one overriding principle – Safety First. Keeping the safety-first mantra in clear sight before we dispatch any of our employees to a new association the CHI management team visits each new site and conducts an audit. The primary role of the audit team is to make sure that we are using the appropriate cleaning chemicals and procedures to above all else do no harm.

 When the CHI Janitorial and Maintenance employees start working on-site they have a plan they can follow that has been approved by the association board that meets the needs and expectations of the association members. The CHI audit team is led by the president of CHI Janitorial and Maintenance Mr. Hardwig Fischer a general contractor with 25 years of experience. Mr. Hardwig Fischer signs off on each new audit and visits the CHI customer sites on a regular basis.

What sets CHI Janitorial and Maintenance apart from our competitors is our Level II maintenance program. All of the CHI janitorial associates are trained to identify safety hazards and light maintenance issues that could turn into bigger expensive problems. Once a light maintenance issue is identified a level II CHI Supervisor is dispatched to photograph the problem and report it back to the association along with some suggestions on how to resolve the problem. Over the years the level two process has saved our customers a lot of heartache and money!

CHI Janitorial and Maintenance is proud to say its clients have been with us for years, and some for decades. The CHI Organization looks forward to adding your association to our long list of satisfied customers. To find out what CHI Janitorial and maintenance can do for your association and to receive A free quote email us at chi.maintenance@outlook.com or call (954) 683-3502, 954-591-2770, or 954-777-9924.